glow or shine

ive noticed in a lot of toonboom shows such as simpsons, dexters labratory, and others have a glow look such as is shown in the intro to the simpsons when he gets a glow stick drop in his shirt. how do they get that glow? its used in like every toon boom show so i know its in toonboom if not i use after effects but just wondering thanks darius.


The Glow option is available in other suite of the software such as Animate / Animate Pro / Harmony. In Toon Boom Studio you can make a static glow with the Feather Edge option though animating it may be a little hard since it creates the glow in vector shapes that overlaps. Else then that you can always export that layer of animation from Toon Boom Studio and process it in a special effect software to add the effect.

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Toon Boom Studio only has vectorial glow which is often very heavy on the render, but you could export to Photoshop the layer of the scene when you want apply the effect, as a sequence of PNG (export movie / sequence of PNG), apply the glow effect to each image (in the same parameters), and import back to TBS successively the PNG images, ensuring that the final rendering resolution not exceed that of PNG. The rest of the project may remain in vector within TBS. It is an alternative way to use After Effects. I hope it is helpful. Yoryo.