glow error

Why in the Toon Boom animate when the background is a white glow effect disappears

In the settings for the glow check/uncheck multiplicative (Pretty sure it is check but don’t have animate to check).

It happens because the glow is relies on the background and when it white as you found out it doesn’t work, so they make the setting as a workaround (not when checked it won’t work on a black background).

Did you mean layer properties

just double click on the glow layer and the settings will pop up (or if you are using pro you can go into network view and do it).

Tried did not succeed I hope that you explain the video

The Glow module is made to transform the color to a brighter value. Now if you have a light background like the white it’s already at the maximum luminosity.

If you want to do that effect on a white card you should be using Blur or Matte-Blur modules.

By the way you can use a Matte-Resize sometimes to intensify the glow without the multiple connections that you did.

See this video.

Thank you very much
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