Glow effect question

I really don’t understand what is wrong. If I take a vector drawing and add the glow effect as shown in the manual–Drawing (tvg) - Glow - Composite–I don’t get my drawing with a glow around it. The whole thing becomes transparent and is replaced by an over saturated white glow. All the linework and color disappears. In the manual it shows the drawing with all it’s color and linework intact and there is a glow around it. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to somehow duplicate my drawing on a layer that is on top of the glow?

Thanks, Lily! That did it! Seems like the manual needs to be corrected. I also didn’t realize I could pull a second connection out of the drawing.

I think I had a similar problem when I tried to add a shadow effect. If you follow the first network diagram in the manual (pg. 803) it just turns your drawing into the shadow and you lose your drawing. But if I use the configuration you sent, it works! Of course, with a shadow you can add a quadmap to reposition and distort it as well.

I just took a look at what’s in the user guide and what they show there is a little bit ambiguous. They show the Limpa character before the effect, then they show the Limpa character with the effect on it in the middle, and then on the right they show the character with the effect on it with a copy of the original character on top - but in the network view screenshot what it shows is the drawing in the middle - the character with the effect on it.

I’m just attaching here a screenshot of how you’d get a copy of your character back in. You just need to drag a second cable from the character back onto the network.

So when you use the Glow module, you can choose to have it Use Source Colour, or you can give the glow a colour by clicking on the colour rectangle on the bottom. Just be aware that if you do a glow on a white background you won’t see anything because what the glow does is it lightens the background by a certain amount - so it shows up best on darker backgrounds.

I hope this helps!


Exactly right!

I’ll pass your comments on to the Documentation team.