glow, blur

I am new here, do not have manual, and i need to know how do i apply glow to line drawing? and how do I blur lines?

first the manual comes with the software via the help menu

second you need to say if you are using an Animate or Animate Pro/harmony

third check my youtube channel and pick the tutorial for the type of animate you have.

I have tried a tutorial on making glowing stuff, but I still can’t get it to glow like Princess & the the frog fire flies - do I duplicate the layers perhaps?

link a picture to the type of effect you want and I will try help you with the setting a bit.

Hi, thanks for the reply, here’s the sort of fireflies I would like:

If your issue is that the glow is not strong enough you can double, triple, etc the connection from the Glow to the Composite. This makes it stronger as opposed to increasing only the blur amount in the module which weakens the effect when there is a lot of blur.

You can also use a Matte Resize module before the Glow to expand the shape without affecting the softness level done with the blur.

You can also try the Matte-Blur module which gives a slightly more “glowy” effect compared to the Glow.

You can have multiple Glows coming from the same source image module, some in different colors or blur intensity. For example for a fire I would use a red glow and yellow glows to make the fire more interesting.

Ok, I tried the multiple connections to the composite and the different colours, not too sure if it works though…

It looks like you didn’t change the colors alpha value. Make sure the alpha is at 255, not 100 like it is by default. Are you using the palette’s source color values or overriding them? You should probably override them with higher values.

What value do you have for the blur? Maybe it’s too high to show much.


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I also got some useful information from this thread.

Thank you for this.

Hi I am not able to get blur and glow effect on my animation
I am following tutorials of toon boom cource …

Effects are not working for me please help.