Globally move a Layer to the top of the Layer stack in a project?

Hello, all! This should be a quick yes/no question:

  1. Is there a way to–globally, throughout an entire project–move a similarly-named layer (say all "Layer B"s) to the top of the Layer stack, so–in every panel that has a Layer B, it is the top Layer?

Also, but I doubt it exists…

  1. When I import jpegs from another program as Scenes, the layers are sequentially numbered. Is there any way to globally re-name all of the sequentially-numbered Layers with one name?, a.k.a. taking Layers named ‘Hero001, Hero002, Hero003, Hero004’ and globally replacing all of them with just ‘Hero’, or ‘A’?

Thanks, all!


Hello Chris

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the present time to rearrange multiple layers at the same time across the entire project. This would need to be a feature request.

Renaming the drawings before importing them as scenes would also be your best bet. Otherwise they will need to be renamed individually in Storyboard Pro. I understand how having them named all the same way would be a big asset for affecting multiple layers at the same time. Perhaps you could add this one in the feature requests as well?

Thanks for your input!