Global & Local Library

Someone Please Help
I created a whole scene and managed to save most of it but lost some of the assets when windows caused studio to crash.

I need to build my own library but don’t know how to take a drawing from studio and add it to the global library…can anyone help?

Rick Miranda

Hi, click on Global or Local Library folder and then right-click on the right hand side of the Library in an empty spot; choose Import > File and browse for it.
Local saves images to that project and Global makes them available to all.

Thank you Debbie. What if the drawing you have is a drawing created in toon boom. I don’t see a method for importing a toon boom created file…maybe I’m wrong…

Not sure if this will help. If you open your scene in TB then open the library view from the Window menu and create a new catalog in either the local or global by right clicking on the locat or global folder. Then from the timeline window you can select all the layers you want and drag then to the folder you created.

Ok, I finally got it. I wasn’t sure what the timeline window was but once I figured that out, it worked. Basically:
(1) Click on the library (or Global Library) Folder in the Library Tab
(under the workspace)
(2) Go to the timeline tab
(3) click and drag the frame that has the drawing you want to file in your library

Thank you all for your assistance.


Great that it is working for you!