global library preference location

hi all -

in my continuing effort to migrate to the imac, i have successfully copied all my work from the windows pc to the mac and they all load nicely. in my latest effort, i copied my global library to the folder where i keep all my animations. i went into the preferences and pointed tb to that location. for some reason, when i go into tb, load a project, then click on the global icon, it just sits there and looks at me. when i check the preferences, it is as i had defined it, but i get a message that reads that it will be set for all new jobs. does this mean that i will not be able to reference the global library with older jobs or do i need to adjust something so that all my projects, old and new, will reference the global library - or do i need to move the library to somewhere so the mac will recognize it and associate it to my projects? thanks, d


I am not sure you will be able to load the global.tbc from windows under your Mac because I think it contains by default links to the local machine. You could also use the Open Library command and load that global library manually (though this would create a second global folder).

The other option would be to simply import every .tbt you had in your global library of your Windows machine in the Global library of Toon Boom Studio under your Mac.

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