Global Library in Harmony? How do I transfer something to another project?

Sorry if I sound stupid, but how do I use the global library like in Studio? I cannot find any way to transfer stuff over to other projects.

Hey there

The Harmony library will allow you to store projects. If you are working on an offline scene, you can put them in the Stage library, which is located on you user profile. You may also open any folder on your computer to store your assets in there. You can open a folder by right clicking below the library folder and selecting Open Library. As long as the library isn’t closed, it will be available in all the scenes you open. To write into those folder, don’t forget to right click on it and select the “Right to Modify” option. This will remove the little padlock symbol on the folder and give you full access to the files in it as well as the ability to copy and paste your templates in there.

For more on the library, check out the link below.

Hope this helps!