Global coordinate system?

Is there any way in TBS or Animate to position 2 or more drawing in an exact x,y location that is global to each other?
For Example:
I want to place drawing 1 at (5,3), drawing 2 at (7,3) and drawing 3 at (9,3) so the end result is that all 3 drawing are on the same Y axis, and drawing 2 is 2 units to the right of drawing 1 and drawing 3 is 2 units to the right of drawing 2.
Each drawing is a separate element, and I want to enter the values using the keyboard, not the mouse, since accuracy is important.
I couldn’t find a way to do it in TBS or Animate.

Static coordinates can be entered using the properties panel for an element. These parameters are scene level coordinates. If you want to change them on a frame by frame basis during the scene that must be done through keyframing and keyframe coordinates are visually entered and can’t be typed in they way you described. If this level of precise coordinate positioning is critical to what you need to accomplish I suggest that you switch to Flash which is a web site design application that also supports animation. It does have those additional controls for precision coordinate placement. -JK

Actually you can also animate by entering coordinates in Studio. The way that you would do this is by setting up your keyframes in the timeline. Then click on the Function Editor view. Make sure Motion Path is selected from the drop-down menu.

Here there are three buttons for each axis. You’ll see north and south, east and west, back and forth. You can click on a keyframe that you created before, then to the right hand side of the graph there is a place where you can manually enter the coordinate that you want the drawing to be placed at.