Glitch: Spacebar to create_ Underscores in new layer naming

In Harmony 13, you could create a new layer and name it easily with underscores which were automatically generated when pressing the Spacebar.

This has slightly glitched in version 14, with underscores only being generated if a space is inserted between letters, and not created at the end of a string of text.

e.g.: The_quick_brown_fox can only be created by writing Thequickbrownfox and then adding the spaces/underscores afterwards, not during the writing process.

Hope you can sort this out, as remembering use the underscore key instead is awkward and really slows down my workflow!


Came here today to find out about this functionality and now that I see it’s confirmed to be a problem for other people I want to lend my support as well for this to be reinstated for a future update.


You could do this in Harmony 10 and 12, I was very confused when creating new nodes in 14 and my spacebar was suddenly useless. You can still use it to automatically create underscores if you are renaming a module, so this isn’t even evenly implemented.

(Please don’t take that away.)

This never has been consistently implemented in the software.

Sometimes a spacebar generates an underscore sometimes it doesn’t, depending on where you are.