gimp .xcf files for importing grouped layers

Hello. Maybe there is a way around this but I have messed with it a bit and it doesn’t seem to work quite right. I work with gimp a lot because i could never afford all of adobes software. In fact it was thanks to a sale and Christmas that I got animate pro. But I was wondering if you could add the ability to import .xcf files into animate. I know what it takes to code so I know that might be asking alot.
I can export .psd files from gimp however when I import that file it only give me one layer with all the layer combined. I have followed the tutorials on layer importing but can’t seem to find a solution.
Any chance of compatibility for the freeware? Its such a great tool.

Thank you.

Did you group your layers into seperate groups? I just watched a digital tutors video on importing layered images and he said that was the most important step.