GIFs and PNGs

Currently, I’m using Comic Boom for some stuff just because it can generate the transparent backgrounds. Makes it good for stuff I’m posting on the web. Not that I don’t love all of Toon Boom’s stuff, it’s just that I love Animate’s drawing features a lot more.

So, I’m wondering if Animate 2 Pro can export to a .GIF file or if it can export a PNG with a transparent background. I’d asked before way back about Animate 1, and was poking around version two. Didn’t see anything, so I thought that I’d ask.

I believe you can render png’s with transparent bg’s. You have to set it to PNG4, not PNG and you should be all set. That’s in AnimPro so it might be different in Standard.

Thanks Chris & Lilly. I’ll try the PNG4.

Any thoughts on GIFs?

Thanks. That would cut down on the number of programs that I use ;D

If you have Animate Pro, then you can control this through the “Write” node in your network. Like Chris said, you want to choose one of those options that has a 4 on it. The reason is that 3 channels is your stand RGB, Red, Green, and Blue, and 4 channel is RGBA - with Alpha.

So try out PNG4!


We don’t support export to GIF but I could always submit this as a feature request.