Gif format

Can work produced in Toon Boon be saved as a gif animation?

If you like, here is a short Tutorial by Will Reinhardt, alias “Calicomonkey”:


Thanks. But I think Will’s tutorial skipped the essential first step in outputing Toon Boon animations as gifs: Spend $700 on Photoshop. And that’s a big and difficult step.

I’m cool with all the other steps. :smiley:

Well, export your animation from Toon Boom Studio as image sequence (e.g. PNG)…
Import those images on separate layers into Photoshop Elements…(~ $ 80,–)
Go to File / Save for Web / optimize for GIF / check the Animation and Loop button /
Click the Preview button / hit OK and open your exported GIF with your browser…


But this MUST be addressed - Toon Boom explaining how to get the job done by using ADOBE SOFTWARE IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

Is this something that can be done NOW at least?? Harmony 11.0

Can the TOON BOOM SOFTWARE MAKE A GIF is the question???

I own BOTH softwares, toon boom and adobe; and I still find it frustrating that this $4000 suite of software specific for movie making is actually pointing you to use their greatest competitor to do a SIMPLE task, like make a damn animated gif.

Now please, tell us how to use harmony to do this. If it can’t be done – Booooooooooo

Come on…the TB software is for making animated videos using a digital toolset based on traditional animation techniques. There are a ton of simple programs that are good enough for making animated Gifs. TB software is not flawed because it does not do everything under the sun.