Ghost Keys Added To Curves When Splitting Animated Frames

When splitting a frame containing animated elements in two the software inserts extra/ghost keys as if guessing your animated elements need to be interpolated in consequence.

Anyway, that’s what it feels like.

Each time I split an animated frame I have to go back and fix the curves, which when you come from a 3D background (XSI, Maya) makes you miss the good old Fcurves.

Is there a way for it not to behave as such?



Uncheck “Camera by Panel Compatibility” on the Camera tab
of the preferences and relaunch the software if I understanding
your question correctly.

Hey, thanks for the reply rkriz.

The option is already unchecked.

I’ll try to clear it up and hopefully not make it more complicated.

If a panel with animation is split into two panels, the now modified curve creates additional points which break the animation causing jittering.

Shouldn’t cutting or splitting a panel into, A-B let’s say, just put a key on the END of A’s anim curve, and another key on the START of B’s anim curve?

This occurs on Quaternion keys, mostly with Velocity.

I’m assuming you are correct in pointing me towards the camera keyframes and Control Points options, but I’m not sure which one could change this. Tension, Continuity, Bias…?

Anyway, thanks for your help.

To have keyframes added at beginning and end of panels “Camera
by Panel Compatibility” must be checked but it’s possible that this
may be causing the jitter if you’re using velocity. Try also checking
“Allow Advanced Camera Operations”

From the sound of it, you are making the movement with control points
which use velocity rather than with keyframes which separate the
movement into movement by axis (separate XYZ movements).

Also try using Euler angles instead of Quaternions when this happens.

For the Control points it would be Continuity but really it’s all connected
so a slight modification to tension and bias might also help to correct the
problem. Try it before and after the split (use undo if the result is no good).

Thanks! 'Let you know if it’s not working.

Much appreciated. :wink:

I got more crashes this morning when cutting animated panels and it’s getting frustrating.

Here’s my process, let me know if I’m not doing it right.

1- Add a Panel to timeline
2- Create Layer ( s )
3- Illustrate the scene (characters on foreground layers, Front - Mid - BG on extra layers.
4- Animate Layers (translation, scaling, rotation…) + Animate Camera

  • 5- Cut the panel into sections - IE: adding various expressions or motion to character

  • This is where I encounter problems. The original curves on my animation have been modified due to cut of panel into sections.

Each section is jittery because extra frames were added, instead of just putting a single frame where I cut the panel ( s ).

Also, 3 times out of 5 I get a crash when trying to fix the curves to fit the original animation, which is itself a f’n buzzkill.

Anyway, if someone out there gets this. Thanks for your input.

Explain more about this last step “Cut the panel into sections”
I don’t really understand.

Also what is the graphic card model your computer has installed?

Let’s say I have a panel with a duration of 300 frames.

If I cut it in three parts, let’s say to animate/redraw a facial expression on a character that already has an animation, perhaps a walk (3D translation and rotation), after getting cut in three the original animation is messed up. It’s like Storyboard Pro wants to put back the entire anim curve into each panel section instead of just cutting the anim in three.
Then the problem is having to match/fix the timing for each panel to have a walk well timed and spreading over three panels.

I hope I’m making sense? lol

BTW: My Graphics Card is Radeon HD 6950, it should run fine since it’s been performing well with XSI, Maya, Nuke, After Effects and others.

Thanks, rkriz.

Be aware that if it’s a layer movement, the layer
keyframes are under the image in the timeline
while the camera keyframes are above. It may
be simpler to just move the kayframes than
to spread the motion. It kind of depends on
how complex the movement is and if you
used control points or keyframes.

In my tests I didn’t really notice anything off when
I split my scene (starting with a single panel scene).
There was no jump or jitter but admittedly my
example may be simpler than yours.

Contact support to have a look at your project.
It would really help to have a before cut and
after cut version. Mainly to see the type of

Yes, it’s a good idea. I’ll take some time to build a before and after sample unrelated to my current project, as I cannot share info about it, and will check with support.

It’s really to do with the layer animation curves. I’ve never encountered problems with the camera keys.

Thanks for your time!