"Ghost flashing" when using the stroke tool (TBS 5.0)

Video of what’s happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2yMnkFS_T4&feature=youtu.be

I’ve been using the stroke tool to shade my character, but whenever I undo a stroke to try and redraw it, the line I had just undone will flash onscreen as I am drawing the new one. Also, if I swap between show/hide strokes, the whole layer will flash white.

I tried tinkering with my display settings, but nothing seemed to work.

I’m using Toon Boom Studio 5.0 on a Windows 7 computer with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. It seems to only happen with the stroke tool - using the brush tool works just fine.

When you say you played with the display settings, does this include turning off OpenGL?

What video card do you have in your system?

Would you mind trying a few things as an experiment?

  1. Leave all of your tool setting as they were in the video (onion skin on and so on.

  2. Turn everything that looks like a visual enhancement off (i.e. onion skin transparency, onion skin colour shading, light table shade, OpenGL anti-aliasing, smooth tools pencil rendering performance, slide the resolution option to the fastest performance and worst quality, etc.) and bump up the system memory usage to high.

Save, close and restart the software and try executing the same process shown in your video.

None of this may have any influence. It is just adding more to the pool of information to look through.

(NOTE: I have version 7.1 so you may not recognize some of the options I mentioned because they may not have existed in version 5.)

Hmm, it seems that switching from OpenGL to Direct3D solved the problem. I didn’t try that before because when I first installed TBS on my old laptop, using Direct3D caused my screen to go black whenever I drew. My new computer seems to prefer it though.