getting velocity control to work in function editor

The root of my character is moving without rotation from point A to point B but when i go into the function editor to apply ease in/out the velocity-based option offers the ease in/out button but it doesn’t do anything as the two points im trying to ease the tween for are level and i cant change the curve using the handles. So it goes at one speed and one speed only… how do i ease in/out on something that only has motion?

You need to make keyframes and then press on the “S” shaped icon in the velocity editor to make a spline curve. Pull the handles of the cusve to make an “S” shaped curve with the curves of the S being at each keyframe.

I assumed this to be the case but when i do that the handles wont move up or down, just along so i cant actually bend the spline :frowning:
Sound like a bug?

Here’s a shot of the issue.
1 marks the little green ease handle. when i click and grab it and move it around it is locked to the horizontal and basically slides along the line, thus making no difference at all to the easing.

the first keyframe is simply the start point of the character and the second frame (both underlined) is the horizontal value that he leaps backwards.
as it is he just makes a straight transition from lft to right but i want him to ease, obviously.

I clicked on the s shaped ‘ease’ button while the first keyframe was selected which made the handles appear.
Earlier in the animation I used the same method to ease the same body part’s rotation and that worked fine, it just seems to be movement, not rotation, that won’t work for me…

Hope you can help… :slight_smile:

Oh PS, when i switch to ‘motion path’ in the function editor the segment shows up with correct motion info… for example, when his ‘left’ value increases so does the line, but on motion path i can’t apply eases which would seem the most obvious place to put it…

Are your keyframes set to non-constant segments? If they are set as constant segments then there is no velocity change possible.

No, none of it is set to constant unfortunately.
I just spent a few hours testing this at work and my boss and I came to the conclusion that our expectations of the program were off, we’re used to flash and 3ds max and we take certain things for granted.

As such it came as a shock to realise that the function editor velocity-based timeline tops off at '100%'
After a bit of fiddling we realsed this might mean 100% of the animation’s progress (although now I doubt that), and all my ‘locked’ keyframes can’t be edited because for some reason they are all at 100% which is a bit wierd and they can’t be moved down because then that suggests they’ll be going in reverse or something.
I understand that on velocity-based the keyframes must go up in a gradual ascent and they cant drop below the one to the left or above the one to the right (hence why all but the first of my keyframes appeared to be locked)

My project is this: One long timeline containing one of our game character doing all of his actions one by one. So far he has just under 1000 frames.
Now when I pose-to-pose him I then go back and keyframe the details as I’m rotoscoping some of it.
But when I open the function editor and go back to the start of the timeline I see that for some reason the velocity shot up from 0% to 100% just after the animation starts (for no reason I can see as I hadn’t even opened the function editor until well into the process). from there every following keyframe I added in manually in the timeline on my character appeared as velocity 100% on the horizontal line I pictured above.

So is there a better workflow for something like this? We would have expected some button that would smooth out the full velocity timeline into one gradient that we could then edit.
Is there a way to undo this or is there a way to avoid it?
As it is I’d be looking at manually smoothing it all out which is a bit ridiculous considering the length.

thanks for the response by the way, i’m sure it’s just me having a brain-fart and i’ll get my head round it soon.

PS when i test on a simple shape over a 20 frame animation all of the eases work fine, it just seems to be long, cmplicated segments that go a bit squiffy.

Ideally the first keyframe should start at 0 just as you assumed and reach 100% at the final keyframe. I’m not sure exactly why the first keyframe would have shot up to 100%.

If you email I can open a support ticket for you and have a look at your project to see if I can discover anything unusual.