Getting Started Templates?

Hello finally able to begin to use my Animate2 software. Going through the Getting Started Guide. Got to the Sample Material Setup and can’t seem to get the templates. comes up as this page has been moved or renamed. Does not appear to be any sample templates in my library.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a different solution?

Thank you,


Go to the Animate 2 website / How to:

From the Documentation Section click on the “Sample Material”,
This should automatically start the download…
(be aware this download is about 470 MB)

Quit Animate, then install those templates…

Start-up Animate / open the Library / you should see a Folder called “Templates.localized”.
All the necessary sample material for the Getting Started Guide should be in there…


Thanks Nolan. Currently downloading as I type. Bill

Hi guys , just had the same problem,No installed files ?
So what am I doing wrong. Read this, and thought I must have done something wrong ?
Nolan you made it sound so easy ,will try again. I installed Ple on one computer xp and the full version Animate 2 on another , win XP pro , is it just me ( more than likely …lol ) or an install isssue on select op systems ? The reason for asking is the
"Start-up Animate / open the Library / you should see a Folder called “Templates.localized”,
didn`t happen for either. Any advice would be real welcome, thank you

Thanks Lilly ,I will contact them, after trying and re-reading the “getting started guide” , no files are where the guide says they should be ? You put them where you want ? Unless guide is for Animate and not yet updated for Animate 2…

You can always write in to for help in installing the sample materials.