Getting Started Butterfly Tutorial help

I have recently purchased Animate 2 and am having problems with the “Animating the butterfly” step of the tutorial, specifically positioning the wings for the animation.

Is there a video that I can download for this tutorial that shows how to position the wings?

Currently I am the PDF and it just mentions using the anchor points to position the wings. I can sort of position the front wing - but am having no luck positioning the back wing correctly. I am hoping there is a video that can demonstrate this.


I know it was part of the Toon Boom Animate Kick Start Video series, which I know I have. I don’t remember if I purchased it from Toon Boom, or it came for free, but I know the butterfly is covered in that series.

yeah it is free. Just go to the elearning section of animate 2 and download the kickstart tutorials.

Thanks for the responses.

Do you have a link to where I can download the kickstart tutorials?

I believe I have found the eLearning section of the website, but I can only see several tutorial packs for download, none of which look like the butterfly animation.

I think Toonboom removed that link :o

Here I zipped them up and uploaded them for you.

Damn you’re right. The link is gone.

Have you tried the link in the splash scene?

They should put a link back up, cause they were great overview tutorials. To me those tutorials were a cross between advertising and tutorials. They were short so you could watch the lot and get a really good idea of the power of Animate (it is actually what tipped me over for upgrading from studio to Animate)

I really appreciate your help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Heres the link,