Getting rid of the white screen when drawing on top of video

Hi everybody, I’m new to toon boom so I apologize for posting this probably obvious question, but I’ve spent many hours now trying to fix it:

I’m animating white bitmap drawings on top of a movie file. After importing the movie, when I open a new drawing layer and start drawing a pretty thick semitransparent white screen (Alpha?) appears in the camera view. Since I’m drawing with white lines, this makes it almost impossible to see what I’m doing. In “Render view” it obviously appears, but then again I cannot seem to do the drawing in this mode. Please help me!


David, Stockholm

A picture is worth a thousand words and would help with understanding exactly what you are dealing with.

Hey I managed! In “Drawing” window, under “Top Light” icon, there is a slider for removing “Bitmap background wash”. Phew that saved my day.