getting rid of layer highlights when cleaning up a drawing?

Is there a way to not have lower layers be highlighted when drawing on the upper layer? When I rough out a drawing with a blue color brush and try to clean up on a new layer above, the rough blue lines turn light…its like an automatic highlight. I prefer to not have any layers highlighted when tracing over roughs. ???

The light table you can activate in the general view meny - view-lightable , or by right click/ ctrl click in the drawing view-lightable.Wich drawings/layers you want to see in the lightbox can be choosen by clicking in the small boxes under the two eyes shown in the top left corner of the timeline.It can also be choosen in the column list that you find in the view meny in the xsheet window -view meny-view-column list.just to make clear, if you later want to see the drawings in the cameraview you will have to reselect them.Ivar

That worked. Thanks. :slight_smile: