Getting back into it.

I’m getting back to animating after a long time.

I’m having trouble remembering my brush settings. That’s fine and all, but I tend to get a bit stressed over silly stuff.

It SEEMS that my old animations showed up “better” in the rendered view than my new drawings. I uploaded to YouTube a test to ensure that my brush thickness was the correct size and the quality is terrible. When I click to make it HD it makes the issue even worse.

I’m not sure if I never scaled the drawings down after inking and instead moved the camera, or perhaps used a thicker brush, or maybe a higher smoothness, if smoothness even affects what I am talking about. I just don’t know. Perhaps after I rendered everything together in my Editing Software it corrects this. My older videos look great even in 320. I haven’t changed any settings. Anyone have any advice?

Here’s the links to the videos, you can tell the finished ones and Gandalf is the new character I am working on.