Getting a Storyboarding setup for a college


My college has a program where students learn storyboarding. I am trying to set up a good (yet affordable) system for them to learn. I like Toon Boom a lot, but it is a bit expensive. Is it worth it? Is this the industry standard?

Also, I’d like to provide some kind of tablet for the students as well. What works best with Storyboard Pro?



Hello Gregory,

My studio uses Wacom Intuos 2, 3, and Cintiq. They all seem to work pretty well with Storyboard Pro. :slight_smile:

Storyboard Pro is very widely used in the Industry. If you’re in the states, then you might be familiar with Fox, Warner, Disney. Shows like Family Guy, South Park, and movies like Princess and the Frog just for a few examples.

If you’re in Canada then places like Nelvana, Mercury, Oasis use it, among others. Shows like Ruby Gloom, Sidekicks, Kick Buttowski.

Then of course it’s widely used in Europe, Asia, South America as well, and we’re now branching out into the Caribbean and Africa.