Getting 24 fps to 29.97

Can anyone give some insight on how to take a 24 fps Toon Boom Studio 4 project and correct it to 29.97 fps for video. I have seen 3:2 pulldowns mentioned, but no one has given an in depth how-to. I want my camera pans to be smooth as silk and you can’t do that by importing a 24 fps into Final Cut and exporting out as 29.97 video, it just “jerks” along - very choppy. Should I assume there is a way to do this in Adobe After Effects? What’s the best solution here.
My export file is a 24 fps Animation Compression Quicktime video, Best quality with millions of colors.

Thanks to anyone who can solve this riddle.

Just a tip, never apply any form of compression until the very last step in the publishing process of digital media. So if output to DVD is your final step that is the only time you want to introduce any compression into the process. Doing so earlier in the pipeline produces cumulative problems. -JK