Get rid of outlines

Hello. I am new to this forum, and perhaps I am not using the correct words or am not looking in the right place in my search, but so far I did not find an answer. The dilemma I am facing is I am trying to find out how to get rid of the outlines of a drawing, once I filled it up with a color. Let´s say I draw a circle with black, then fill it with red, and then want to get rid of that black outline. I know the invisible line option exists, but I find drawing with this option not as smooth. I would highly appreciate any help.

you should be able to just select the outline with the select tool and then delete it

You can also use Top Menu>Drawing>Select strokes with current color if all the outlines are of a different color than the fill. Then delete.

If you are using Pencil line you can select them afterwards and reduce them to 0 thickness with the select tools properties.

Fantastic! I appreciate the help of both of you very much. Thanks!


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