Get just position from inside a 2 Point constraint?

Hi all,

I’m using the 2 Point Constraint available in Harmony and getting some really nice squash/stretch behavior on my character’s body. I’d like the arms to follow along with the body, but not be deformed with the squash & stretch.

I thought I might be able to connect a peg to the 2PointConstraint, then grab the kinematic output of that peg and drive the position of an arm peg with that… but it’s still deforming the arm.

Has anyone got any tricks to doing something like this?


I created a video demonstrating what I’m trying to achieve… would love some help. :slight_smile:


For anyone looking for the answer to this - it’s actually quite simple (thanks to Sean Bartlett for the answer).

If you select the Transform Limit and hit show controls(SHFT+F11), a red crosshair will appear. Just move that to the top of the arm. That sets the pivot position of the transform limit.