Get Global coordinates of a child peg

Hi! I would like to know if there is a way to get the global coordinates of a child peg. For example if I have two pegs, parent and child, if i move on traslate x of 1 unit the parent peg, obviously the traslation x of the child stay at 0, but in the world it moves according to the parent of 1 units. The question is, is there a way to get this coordinates?, it could be very useful to attach, for example, a curve of a deformer via expression. Thank you to all :slight_smile:

There is no method in the interface to get this information other than going into each peg
and then adding all the values together. If this is something you might frequently need, it
should be possible to create a script that does this after selecting the layer and then have it
query the parent peg(s).

Thank you for your answer! But doing that won’t you get a double trasformation? I notice that you can see global coordinate below the camera frames when you moving around the cursor on stage. So is not possibile to get those values and put them inside an expression?


What do you mean by double transformations?
If Peg A moves 1 and peg B moves 0.5, you’d want to know that Drawing moved 1.5, right?