Gestures on MPP devices

Hi there,

I recently changed to a device that uses Microsoft Pen Protocol (transferred away from Wacom Ink to Windows instead)

I found Toon Boom can not support touch gestures and Windows Ink pen pressure/sensitivity at the same time. The lack of gestures to navigate the drawing board has taken a significant hit to my work flow. Are there alternative means to regain gesture / finger-touch controlled pan and zoom? Right now, best I’ve got is a hand mapped to one of my pen buttons to pan quickly, but even that is finicky and doesn’t trigger until double-tapping, which means wayward strokes constantly.

I am, at this point, considering custom input mapping with the windows touch gesture features, I’m pretty desperate for anything that can replicate the touch/swipe-navigation that clip studio paint still manages with Windows Ink, but Toon Boom can not.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. I am using the most up-to-date version to Harmony Advanced 21.