Gesture freezes after first use

Hello to all.

Touch gesture is not working anymore in Harmony when my Mobilestudio Pro is connected to my desktop. It just works once, and then freezes.
One finger touch registers normally, 2 not.
Exactly the same problem someone had here a few years ago:

I am using the latest built of Harmony 17. I reinstalled the driver from Wacom. GTX 1080 driver is up to date. Windows 10 is up to date. Wacom preferences are reset. Touch gesture is enabled in Harmony.

Touch gesture is working normally under Photoshop.

Problem is the same with an empty project.

Does someone know what could be wrong? (To me the problem is located in Harmony. )

Edit: On the Mobilestudio Pro 13" self, standalone (=not connected to a computer): touch is working right but i have another problem with the latest built: render preview is only rendering one frame. (frame one) , even if my stop field has the correct value.

I think in a global way that the latest built from Harmony has a lot of little bugs. It seems much slower also (in open GL and render view)

Hopefully there will be another built soon that gets everything right.