Gesture feature in Storyboard Pro 22 is broken

A while ago, I downloaded to try out Storyboard Pro 22 trial, however I could not use the gesture features on my Cintiq touch screen. Zoom in, out, rotate was not responding even after checking all settings.
I contacted the support and they confirmed that RND is currently investigating the fix and that it is a bug introduced in v22 on Windows OS.

Did you guys also encounter this? If so, how did you manage it- did you switch to an older version?
Also, is there perhaps a certain place I can follow to see if the bug has been fixed? (I would really like to try out v22 once it is fixed)

Thanks and cheers!

In the release notes of SBP 22 and Harmony 22 it was a know issue.

  • Touch Gestures to zoom, pan and rotate don’t work on Windows. HAR-8739

Here is the link: Storyboard Pro 22 Release Notes
This will also get updated when a new version/build is released.