Genius MousePen 8x6 - Pressure Sensitivity not recognized


I currently trying out TBS 4.0. I have a Genius MousePen 8x6 Tablet - definitely not the best product out there, but still it is providing me with the functionality I’m looking for at the moment (It was a cheap solution, as a Starter to get acquainted with Tablets).

My OS is XP Service Pack 2.

Here is the situation: When using the brush tool in TBS, it doesn’t recognize the pressure applied to the tablet and the output is always the pen’s maximum size.

I have also tested this Pen/Tablet with other softwares: CorelDraw, Paintshop, PhotoShop, Flash Professional CS3 and they all work just fine when it comes to pressure sensitivity.

As a last resort, I tried to update / re-install the Genius drivers but it is the same outcome.

Only in TBS that the pressure applied is not functional.

Can you provide help on this please?


Hi Walrus,

As it stands, TBS only guarantees results with Wacom tablets. They are pretty open & straightforward about that. Not to say other tablets are incabable of working, but TBS doesn’t make any promises compatibility -wise with other brands of tablets.

Not sure if you can get better results by messing with your settings, I suppose it is possible, but no guarantee.
Good luck to you.

Did you ever get your Genius MousePen 8x6 Tablet to work with the senetivity?