genius G pen m712 dual mode 12 x7

Would this drawing board work in the program…and if not…what would you guys suggest…Thanks

Hi,Not quite sure you will be able to get pressure with the Genius tablet. For the moment we officially support Wacom brand tablet only. I know some customer of ours have been working with Genius ones though we can’t guarantee every features of the tablet will be fully recognized.Best regards,Ugo

thanks alot for the reply, i did see that the program supports the Wacom product, but i was looking around for some, but couldn’t find any stores in south africa that sells them. I will have to get a second hand one, before i buy the program.If the genius just does the drawing part, that would already help, untill i can get a wacom in hands…???hopefully it does, dont want to get the program, and then cant get everything out of it.ThanksTerence

Hi,Unfortunately I can’t guarantee much there as we have not tested it with that specific software. Maybe other users would be able to give you feedback if they did try. If you already have the tablet or have access to one (a colleague one for example) you could always try it with the trial of the software to define whether or not it meets your expectations.Best regards,Ugo