generating automatte.

I am using the generate automatte function and creating it on the same layer as my drawing. When I do so the program automatically navigates to the top layer after performing the action rather than staying on the layer I am working on. This gets to be really annoying, because often something goes wrong with the automatte, like I had the wrong colour selected, or the gaps in the drawing are too big to fill all the areas, so I undo the automatte and draw a line to close up the gap and try again, but nothing happens because I am no longer on the layer I have been working with and the gap is still open, so now I have to delete the line I put on the top layer and navigate back to the proper layer, repeat closing the gap and finally get the autofill right.

Mostly I remember now that i have to constantly navigate back to the correct layer, but I’m wondering if there is some setting to just let me stay on the layer I am on.

Hello Julien,

I will log this as a request/suggestion so that we can take it into account for the future. Thank you!

I came here to point at the same problem. This is really annoying.

Also, somehow, every time I start SBP again, the default value gets back to 200, and the Matte on a new layer option gets back on. This is wrong. Working in boards every day, doing mine and seeing other people’s boards, I see plenty of amateur boards insisting on putting white on a separate layer and I don’t get why people do that, it just adds plenty of useless layers and makes it difficult to select entire characters. I think that’s a mindset evolved from Photoshop, I’m not sure. Let’s preach the Good Way of Storyboarding and not have this checked by default please.

By the way, 200 seems like it’s a lot! I tend to set it at 50 myself. Setting it so high by default seems misleading.

Finally, when selcting Auto-Matte, which I now do through a keyboard shortcut, I still get the settings window. I’d like the Auto-Matte to just appear without having to click on any window. There’s the drop down menu for that, if needed. Or there could be a specific tool for the Auto-Matte, which would allow for settings in Tool Properties.