Generate Auto-Matte?


I seems to work to create and auto-Matte in a OL but then?

Cant make it work and dont find nothing in the documents.

I that it should be a mask so you could add shadows to the OL.

What could be wrong?

/ Mattias

my understanding of the main purpose of the Generate Automatte was create a matte behind rough animation so that it could be seen easier over top of a background. that said, i’ve used the automatte for various other purposes when i was hand painting traditional animation frame by frame with washes of color to achieve a particular effect.

if you are looking to create a matte to add shadows using the Shadow effect, you will have to hand paint them in. i believe the Toonboom Youtube channel has a few tutorials you can use on that topic.

Ok. I guess I misunderstood that feature. what I was looking for was the Tone and Highligt effect.

Thanks for the help.

/ Mattias

Generate Auto Matte sadly only works with vector layers, however is very handy when looking to create a mask from vector line-art. not quite sure if this answers your question?

Yes, I noticed its works only with vector layer but I could really understand how it works.
I created a matte according to the documents and then I thought, well it´s just to create an area and fill it and it will be masked by the matte. But it was not so easy. I could not understand the steps to make a mask and add an area as shadow on the OL layer.
How does it work?
any tutorial avaible?

/ Mattias