general problems with Animate

Hello.I’ve been using toon boom studio for a while, but I have now upgrade to Animate. Unluckily I’m having many problems, here are some of them:
-a delay in the pencil/pen strokes.
-everytime I use the selection tool drawing the selection square I get this black zone covering the whole drawing area.
-whenever I close the program I always get this “ToonBoom is not working” message.

Please help me!
I’m using a Pc, windows vista, with a Cintiq and a Intuos 3 sometimes, but experiencing the same problems with both.
Than you in advance/Paco

Hi Paco,

The first thing to do if you’re using Windows Vista is to turn off the Aero scheme for the mouse. This has been known to interfere with the display and may solve some of your issues.

To turn this off, right-click on the desktop and go to Personalise > Mouse Pointers then under the Scheme drop-down list select None.

If you still have a problem, try to update the drivers for your tablets. Sometimes it has been reported that people who have multiple drivers, for example for your Cintiq and your Intuos 3, have had the drivers interfere with each other. I would recommend deleting the preferences using your tablet utility, then delete the drivers and install only the driver that you use the most often. Do you still get the issues?

Regarding your last issue, are you able to save your scene? Do you get a crash only when you close the software? Regarding this you may need to send an email to and they can help you with your crash.

Toon Boom Support