General crashes, TBA pro 2

I’m experiencing quite a few unexpected crashes. There is no way to isolate when it crashes. Clicking a button here and there can suddenly cause it to crash. Sorry for not being specific, but I can’t. Is there an update with stability and crash bug fixes out there or on the horizon?
I haven’t got any notification of one…

Animate Pro 2 (
Mac OS X 10.6.3, MacBook Pro, 8GB ram

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There haven’t been many reports of people experiencing crashes. Are you working with large scene files? Do you get the same kind of crash if you start with a fresh scene? Is there anything special about the scene you’re working on - i.e. does it usually crash in one specific scene?

The best thing to do here would probably be to email support at and they might be able to narrow it down more.

Toon Boom Support

Nothing special. Extremely light weight scenes. Like 1-3 drawing layers and a couple of pegs. No IK, no glue, nothing advanced. Crashes seems to happen more often when I’m learning and trying out things I don’t know so well, or when I’m hitting the wrong shortcuts by mistake :wink: I’ll keep my eyes open and try and nail the circumstances and contact the support. Currently for me it just seems random.

OK. I have identified the bug, and this explains why it seems so random. Because it can happen anytime, anywhere it’s not tied to a function.
After trying out the following little procedure I conclude it’s related to how Animate Pro handles Wacom input. In my case the Wacom Cintiq 12WX with the latest Wacom driver (6.15-2).

- Create a clean document with a drawing layer.
- Select the Stroke tool and draw a line. You’ll get the alert message “You have added a stroke to your drawing but it will not be visible…”
- Press “OK” (without checking “Don’t show this message again”)
- Do it again, again, again and again.

If I do this with the trackpad, it never crashes.
If I do this with the wacom Cintiq, it crashes after 2 or 3 times.

This can happen anytime and is not directly related to strokes. Most probably when alert messages, buttons or windows pops up before Animate has gotten a “release” signal from the Wacom or something like that.
I also have a feeling that ToonBoom is overriding the Wacom interface with your own interpretation of the Wacom input. Because Animate Pro registers pen button clicks on the Wacom pen even though they are disabled in the wacom setting.

I’ll send this to the support now.