GenArts particleIllusion

Does anybody know whether it is possible to add a peg layer to a particleIllusion layer ?

In Premium at least particle effects automatically come with a peg layer when added however you can add another.

Sorry for beeing unprecise. I was asking for the GenArts OFX particleIllusion node. I was able to install a trial version but could not attach a Peg layer/node to the OFX particleIllusion node (even though I can load any effet from their library). And also some effects turned out to be different in Harmony than the preview shows prior to loading.

Hey heinerL,

The OFX plugins do not support pegs / deformations / anything other than an image port.

Could you provide us with more information on how the effects are turning out different than the preview?

Dear Genevieve,
Well, in the meantime I have discovered that the effects turned out different than the preview obviously because initially I did not install the GenArts particleIllusion in the default folder which for Windows obviously needs to be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\OFX\Plugins. After repeating the installation within this folder everything so far was identical to the preview.
Thanks for the information that pegs / deformations / anything other than an image port are not supported. That’s a pity because it would make the animation much easier…
Kind regards,