Man, is it just me, or is Animate the worst for leaving gaps? I swear they should just make the close gap tool its own button because I use it just as much as the paint bucket…it’s like I have to trace any shape I’m painting into…so frustrating…and a huge waste of time.

It never seems to matter what settings you set the preferences to (0-3), Toon Boom cannot seem to figure out if two lines are connected, even if they clearly are…this has always frustrated me…I don’t remember it being this finicky in studio…and Photoshop certainly has no problem with gaps…

And they never do any updates for the software, so if something isn’t working, don’t expect it to get fixed until the next $700 version is released…

Although I championed it for so long, I’m really at my wit’s end with this product. >:(

Thank you, Lilly.

I will certainly give these tips a shot. I’m sorry to get so hot headed…just frustration under deadlines…

I’m sorry to take it out on Toon Boom.

Thanks again for all of your help on the forum.

Well maybe I can give you a few tips that will help out.

Are you drawing primarily with pencil lines? Most of the time the people who have the most difficulty with gaps are those that use pencil lines. The reason for this is that the pencil line is defined by the centreline and not the outer contour. So even if the outer contour is connected, if the centreline is not, then there will still be a gap.

Here are a few things that can help you out.

1) Turn on Show Strokes. You will be able to see any unconnected points because they will show up as a yellow tip on the blue stroke. so you should be able to see right away where the gaps are.

2) In the Tool Properties window of the Pencil tool, when you’re drawing, turn on the auto close gap option. When this option is activated, if you draw two lines whose outer contours are touching, it will automatically close the centreline together as well. This should help you a lot.

3) Turn on snapping. If you’re drawing and you have the “Snap to Contour” option on, then it will snap your new line to a previously drawn line that’s close by. May or may not be helpful to you.

4) Turn on the auto close gap option in the Tool Properties window of your Paint Bucket. If this doesn’t close your gap, try zooming out and doing it again.

5) As a last resort, use the Close Gap tool or the Stroke tool.

6) You can also always use your Contour Editor and snap together the points by having the Snap to Contour option on.

Hope this helps.


When using the paintbucket or ‘flood fill’ tool, it always leaves a small gap between the contour it is supposed to fill and the fill area. When exporting, these gaps show up as white dots for example (if the background is white). telldunkin