Game Development With Toon Boom


I bought Toon Boom Studio for Mac last year to work on my animated short film projects, and so far it’s been great. Recently, though, I’ve been getting some ideas for creating 2D old school video games (i.e. platformers, beat 'em ups, action/adventure, etc.). While I know Flash has ActionScript that can work with it in the same environment, basically, to create games, and I guess I was wondering whether there was a way to similarly program games in connection to Toon Boom.

I did find one article on the Toon Boom site about game dev with Toon Boom and Microsoft’s XNA, but my Mac is an older one, and cannot run the windows environment. Does anyone have any ideas? Any solutions? Any freeware code editors that could interface with TBS?

- Alex

I suspect your best bet would be to acquire an older copy of Flash even Macromedia Flash MX for the Power PC Mac. That coupled with the TBSI importer will give you a solid game creation platform. Try eBay to find someone who has old software for sale.