Game Developer Friendly Tools: Grid Size | Snap to Grid | Seamless for Tilesets?

Dear ToonBoom Support :slight_smile:
So I’m happy with Harmony and created some really nice stuff and will keep on animating but I ran into an issue, maybe you can help with:
I’m starting to work on my game, and it will be easy to make Retro-Sprite-Pixelated style in other software as I have experience with already.

Since I’m animating with Harmony much faster, I wanted to make EVERYTHING (all the graphics) of my game in Harmony.

The reason I didn’t post this under Feature Request is because I’m not sure if some of what I’m looking for is already hidden in the software,
I would like to know:

So the first thing I found that i can activate the Square Grid under the View menu, it looks like a good start.
Then I looked how can I change the Grid Size to 32x32 or 64x64, 128x128 etc… couldn’t find any way to do this.
OK, so I ignored that and look for snap-to-grid option, couldn’t find this either… so I skip that as well and look for Seamless option where I can warp the drawing within the canvas or even better, the Grid to create Seamless Tilesets.

Unfortunately, none of these tools are exist in Harmony 15 from what I tried to find.
I’m well aware that Harmony isn’t built for the game industry and it is too bad in my opinion because I have so many ideas how to improve it and make it a leader on this part as I said, I started the day trying to make my own game graphics in Harmony! from Tilesets to Items and all the animation of the Players, Enemies and Effects!

It makes me sad that I will have to leave Harmony for pure-animation projects only, because I really wanted to do MORE with this amazing software.
If there are solutions to what I’ve mentioned above and I missed them, I would like if you can tell me where they are!

Maybe you can help me out here,
Thanks ahead and keep up the good job!

  • Sorry about my bad English.