Game animation: Harmony or Spine?

Hello everyone.

I’m a self-learner student and its been a while since I’ve started to study and produce animations. I’m developing games and I’ve been using a software called Spriter Pro for the animations. But I’m felling limited since I’ve started to work deeply with more complex animations, despite the glitches that are somewhat constant on a mac. So I’ve been looking for a more powerful tool to animate for my games.

With that I’ve found two options: Harmony and Spine. Both can animate for games, but only Spine is totally focused on this. My question is: which one is the better option for game animation? Does Harmony have all the features that Spine have? I’m looking forward to Harmony because there I can animate other things, but if the game animation is more limited that Spine, it will be a tough choice.

So I need professional guidance: for game animation, which one offers the best features? Harmony or Spine?

Thank you very much.

toon boom is a full animation software, yes it has MORE options for animation in general, Spine can NOT compare to toon boom, period.

I think that you will export “sprites” to your game engine software, if you are using unity, I think toon boom is compatible.

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