GAAAAk! SP1 bug.

I’ve got a pretty major problem.I’m pasting a large sequence of scenes from a previous storyboard into a current one. The resulting paste results in one long scene of many panels. Typing or pasting text into a caption field results in the caption being pasted into the caption field of every panels (of the pasted range). Change the text and all the fields change. Dividing into scenes by hand doesn’t seem to fix anything. Action notes from the first scene of the board magically appeared in some of the pasted ones.I don’t want to save this version of my board, so I won’t be able to send the file to you.Could you please check out a “paste panels” to see if these problems happen at your end also?

Hi,How exactly did you copy from the version previous to SP1 to the SP1 version of the software. The file formats changed between the 2 versions so copying from the old to the new version should not work.If the issue is that you have a project that was originally made in the old version opened in SP1 from which you copy and paste to another SP1 file, one thing you might want to try is to save your project first to make sure the files get properly converted. You may want to keep a copy of the project as a backup.This being said so far I have not managed to reproduce the behavior you are encountering. Did you have text already in the captions of the previous project or was it only layers of drawings?Best regards,Ugo

Hi Ugo,I’m alarmed to hear that my clients may not be able to open my project file with the pre-SP1 version. Can you clarify this, please?Is there a way to revert to the previous version without losing all my settings/preferences?I did the scene transfer the usual way, I opened up the old project and selected/copied the panels, then opened the new project and pasted. The old caption fields did have information in them. I’m on a Mac.Thanks,Paulp.s.-I opened the project up again and found that the changes had been saved and the drawings and captions seem ok, but the pasted sequence remained as a single scene, except for the spots where I’d split it up.

Hi,In theory if your client owns a version of 1.5 (which they would need to open your 1.5 files) they should also be entitled to get the SP1 of the software. If they do not have the software registered to their software they should get in contact with their sales representatives to get access to this version.Also, from your P.S. information I am not sure anymore what the behavior is. Is there part of the project missing at the moment? The older version of Storyboard 1.5 should still be able to read the new preference set (so basically you could have both versions running on your machine without problem, simply rename the Storyboard Pro folder and it should allow you to install a new one). Though if a file is opened in SP1 and saved in that version it will need to be edited in SP1 from that point on.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks Ugo, It seems like my client won’t be updating to SP1 during this production cycle. I need to re-download the pre-SP1 installer (My purchased hard copy was an much earlier version) but I can’t get to it through “My Products” anymore. Where should I look?Paul

Never mind (found a recent backup).