"G" Drive Save Error

Ok so, although I’ve only really had experience animating with Harmony and StoryboardPro at school, I’ve ended up running out of time on an assignment due to persisting saving issues and have to finish in my personal copy of Studio. After importing the only surviving copy of my work so far (a .mov file) vectoring, and continuing with the piece I found that the program outright refuses to save. Whenever I try to either “Save” or “Save As” I get a pop-up saying that I need to “Insert disc into BD-ROM Drive (G:).” After that I can’t save the file anywhere since the “save” button simply refuses to be responsive. Anyone else know how to fix this?

It sounds like that instruction is being recalled from the originating system and project configuration.

Did you initially start from scratch and import pieces on your system or start the home project by opening an existing project file?

From your text you only had a.mov file so I would expect you to be using a new project file generated from your home copy of Studio. Did you import the movie as an Element? How is that being utilized?

One thing unclear is how are you able to continue the project with Studio when you used Harmony and Storyboard at school to create the project?

The working file was lost, so I created a new project file in Studio and imported frames from the quicktime file (.mov) that I had managed to save the project I created originally in StoryboardPro as right before the shutting down. I don’t think it imported as an Element, but I’m still new to these programs so I wouldn’t know for sure. Sorry if I’m still not very clear, I’m a fine artist so I’m just learning the jargon.

Is it possible at all to try selecting different drives/folders?

Is the BD-ROM drive an external drive? If so, is it connected to your system? Are you able to access that same drive from other programs?