function control window

Any old or newbies have workflow suggestions for manipulation of the function curves? They can variously be accessed via

playback window → select layer → RMB → layer properties → bezier editor button


windows → function → bezier button → select nodes

and one other way I don’t recall. It would be so very nice to have a function/curve editor that would act dynamically with the selection of node/transform-attributes. Perhaps it’s there, but I dont seem to find it.

Reloading function editor or scrolling/clicking on controls that are already selected in the playback editor is a cumbersome process.

Ideal workflow would be
open function editor
select layer or layer’s curves
result - the selected curves appear in the function editor, framed nicely
select a different layer or set of curves
result - selection in function editor changes to reflect selection change.

Editor could also serve to have a filter, to display/cntrol only, say, Pos_x or Angle_z for the selected layers…an actively displayed column of named tic boxes would suffice…abbreviate curve names as needed to save space, we’ll get used to them.


By using Alt click on a layer in the Timeline it will send all the sub-layers and function curves to the Function view but it’s not quite the replace way that you are talking about.

Interesting request.