Func. Editor, Keyframes, on cut-out in Timeline

I’m working on a cut-out whose parts I moved around on the timeline for drawing purposes, etc. When I had what I wanted I deleted cells until I had 1 cell for each part. Then I extended exposure to 36 on all of them. The keyframes automatically generated from my earlier work continued to effect the cut-out behavior. I deleted all the keyframes. Some of the effects remained. Then I discovered the superior control in the function editor. Only 1 problem left. In the function editor, everything, EVERYTHING is set to 0 (zero) and my cut-out still moves a little. Okay not really a biggie, but it shouldn’t move at all now and I’m worried that when variation creeps in …


I am not sure to understand what you did but theorically if you delete all keyframe but one an an element there should not be any interpolation. If for any reason you see some you can simply copy your first keyframe to the position of the last keyframe and you should not have any movement.

The problem might be that there is still an velocity of some sort that is applied to the element but I don’t see how it could be there if you don’t have any keyframe left. If the problem happens again make sure to send us that scene at so we can check out what could be the problem.

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Thanks for the help. Now I’ve got a new one: the pivot point on my head peg drifts from its spot from frame 1 to the last frame, frame 36. I cannot find a solution to this problem. Help, please!

Okay figured it out. Different plane. Thanks.