Full version of Animate curriculum?


I teach an animation class at the local community college where we’ve been using Flash as the tool of choice for lots of years. I’m tired of Adobe’s lack of support for animators and have been playing with Animate PLE, with which I’m very impressed.

I’ve got an email in to toonboom support inquiring about lab pricing for schools, but I’m also wondering about the curriculum that’s offered here on the site. Is there a full version available for download for free, or is that at additional cost? I’ve only seen the sample version on the site and no mention of where (or how much) the full version is.



The curriculums are available only in sample versions on the website. The curriculum comes free with a purchase of 10 or more academic licenses, or the curriculum could also be ordered on its own for a price.

For further inquiries, and if you haven’t already heard an answer from support, please send an email to academic@toonboom.com

Toon Boom Support

Thanks for the reply, Lilly. I appreciate it.

I sent an email yesterday to Steve Martinez regarding cost of academic licensing for a college lab (23 seats), but no word back yet on pricing. Budget deadline is Friday of this week, so if you can give him a nudge, I’d appreciate it.

I’m afraid I’m not aware of who Steve Martinez is… is he a Toon Boom employee or are you purchasing through a distributor? If you send an email to academic@toonboom.com, then there are several people who will all receive this email and the first available person will get back to you.

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My apologies! Steven Martinez works out of our other office, and so I’m afriad I never met him before. I will give him a call for you.

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