Full Character Turn around Deformation Rig


I’m sorry if this question was asked before, but I am I trying to make a turn around deformation rig similar to the one in this tutorial:

I have several problems.

  1. I have a character with all the parts separated into their own layers. I also have 3 positions: front, quarter and profile. On the Eye_N (near) layer for example, I have the 3 positions drawn at different points in the timeline and labeled in the x sheet as front, quarter and profile. I also spaced them 25 frames apart so that there is room to add extra drawings, front +1, quarter +1 etc. Is it necessary to have those spaces? In the Drawing Substitution box, the order as of now, goes front, quarter, profile with no room for drawings in between. I would like it be able to stay in order whenever I add a new drawing. (change to front, front +1, front + 2, quarter, quarter +1, etc) Is there a way to organize it automatically whenever I have some new positions to add? Do I have to have all the drawings finished before I start making the rigs?

  2. I’m also having trouble with adding deformers to the body like at 16:30 in the video. She is adding deformer to the arm in the front position and then a new deformer whenever the position changes view. For me, the deformer is always there across the timeline so I can’t start fresh at each position.

  3. Lastly, I have a Hand_N layer that I just want to use for all the positions, front, quarter, profile. I figured that I could just call it Hand, and whenever I add a new drawing call them Hand +1, Hand +2, etc. I wanted to just use that one set of hands for the front, quarter and profile positions, swapping as needed. Is that an issue?

Sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated.


I am also having these problems and would love some help.


How do you get the sub groups for each pose, like in the tutorial she has 2, 3 and 4? For me, for example, I have 5 separate drawings (the 5 different poses) on the one layer, and anything I do to one of the drawings affects all the other drawings on the layer.

Thank you!