Frustrated: Snow Leopard and TBS 4

Hi all, does anyone know if Snow Leopard and TBS4 even work together? It seems all the drawing tools are “locked.” Ie. I can rotate a shape using tools/ transform/rotate, but I cannot use the rotate handle to do the same. Also, things like contour points are unmovable/unchangeable after placed, and a lot of other things like that are making this impossible to use. So, I am wondering what’s up. Thx!!!

Well, I think I just figured this out sorta, I have a Wacom Intuios 3 with pens and mouse. It’s just the mouse that is the problem. Pen works great and all tools work fine. The mouse is the problem. I have the latest Wacom drivers for SL installed. So I guess the problem is solved, as I can just use the pens. Cheers,