from timeline to network view. how to find the current layer?

Hi, ;D

this is a simple question
how to find easy the current highlighted layer from timeline …in network view.

is there a way to “see”, or “enhance”, “diferentiate”, or “goto”, or anything that could help to find in the network view the current layer (the one highlighted one in timeline)?

each network views that I have are like hundred of rectangles and trying to find each time the selected layer from timeline in networkview is a hard hard time.

so, is there a possiblity that the rectangle gets another colour, or outsidelines, or bigger size, or a key to go to it directly, or any visual help or tip to locate the highlighted layer in timeline?

maybe it is in this animate 2, but I have not read something about it…

thanks a lot

Hi,You can easily track where a module is in the Network by selecting the layer in the timeline, then make sure the focus is in the Network view and press the O key. This will center the Network view around your selection.Best regards,Ugo

;Dthanks Ugo,I just selected the focus on network view (not pressing any key there, because it unselected the layer) and then press the O key, and it works OK !!!thanks ;D