From Final Cut Pro to Storyboard Pro?

I’m a tv animatic editor who’s used to cutting in Final Cut, but my latest project wants me to do the animatic in Storyboard Pro so we can print out the final conformed storyboard to send to the animation house.

I’ve figured out how to get the project from Storyboard Pro to Final Cut (mostly using XML) but I would LOVE it if I could do that in reverse.

Besides the fact I’m faster in Final Cut, it’s easier for the director to see the animatic (dissolves & all…) & then have me make changes on the spot. To see the dissolves I need to be in Final Cut, but any changes I make are not reflected in Storyboard Pro as they are done in FCP. I have to try to conform the storyboard project to my final cut project by hand frame by frame so we can print out the board.

I figured out I could export an XML from Final Cut & could import it into Storyboard Pro (file-conform project-import animatic) but none of the changes I make in FCP are reflected in SBP. which of course makes the whole thing useless to me.

Any ideas? It would make my life SO much easier!

Is there ANY way to go from Final Cut back into Storyboard Pro???

Or does anyone know what the differences are in the XML of Storyboard Pro & Final Cut so maybe I could get a guy to write an app to convert one to the other?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Stephaniel,

You should be able to so using the conformation (under the file menu);

Export to xml from Storyboard Pro,
Import the xml in Final Cut Pro,
Do your timings,
Export to xml from Final Cut Pro,
Import the new xml in Storyboard Pro

And voila ! ;D

That’s what I tried to do.

I’m using Storyboard Pro 1.6 (version 8.6.2(4747)) & Final Cut Pro 7.0

In Storyboard Pro:
- file → export to… → EDL/AAF/XML
- settings: generate XML, half size 960x540, video config: apple ProRes 422(HQ) 23.98, one movie clip per panel, generate video files, copy audio files, clip range all, open folder after export

In Final Cut Pro:
- file → Import → XML
- settings: Destination: (my current project with nothing in it), defaut sequence settings (auto), options reconnect to media files, include markers & include audio/video effects are checked.
- Make my changes (in this test I swapped the last two panels)
- save project
- file → Export → XML
- settings: apple XML interchange format, version 5 (default), save project with latest clip metadata is selected. include master clips outside selection is not selected.
- save XML with new name (since I’m putting it in the same folder as the original SBP xml file)

In Storyboard Pro
- go back to the project I exported from
- file-> conformation → import animatic project
- select new XML from final Cut
- Settings: process audio is turned on
- click import
- it gave me the following:
Removing All Transitions
Removing Deleted Panels
Removing Panel 1 of Scene 001 at position #0
Removing Panel 1 of Scene 002 at position #1
Removing Panel 1 of Scene 003 at position #2
Removing Panel 2 of Scene 003 at position #3
ReOrdering Panels
Creating Panel at position #0
There were errors during the import. Import ended unsuccessfully

The timeline in SBP refreshes the panel thumbnails. But there is NO change in the timeline. Panels are not swapped.

The “Import ended unsuccessfully” has me suspicious. But I have no idea what the error is.

Is there something I’m missing??

In order to test this, we will need you to send your files in to Please send in the following information:

1) The initial xml export that you did from Storyboard Pro
2) the PNG files that go with the export
3) The final xml file that is generated when you export from Final Cut

This will allow us to test to see where the problem is occurring.

If the files are too big to email, then they will set up an ftp where you can drop your files.

Thank you for your patience.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you for your quick reply!

I’ll be sending an email shortly. You said PNG files. Should I have been using PNG files? I have a photoshop file & a jpg.

I’m guessing you are not using the right export to do the conformation;

The export to EDL/AAF/XML can indeed export an xml file for Final Cut Pro, and generate movie files.

To be able to go back and forth between Storyboard Pro and Final Cut Pro, you should use the commands under the File/Conformation menu :
- Export Project
- Import Animatic Project
These export also produce an xml file, but generate image files (that’s where the PNG get involved), so you can modify your camera and layer motions.

Try that and let us known if it works for you.

Yea! Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much! It worked with the correct export & will be a HUGE time saver for me!