From Fatso To Thinso

Hi everyone,

I have a new project that I am working on; it’s a personal video blog detailing my weight loss journey. I am having weight loss surgery on January 30th, which is one week from now, and for the past three weeks I have been putting up a video a week detailing my weight loss leading up to the surgery.

I thought it would be fun to throw a few animations in for good measure, so that’s what I did. I have also experimented with combining recorded footage with animation, and you can see examples of that in some of my videos.

I would love to know what everyone thinks! I have set up a separate Youtube account for these videos. You can find it at

As always, please let me know what you think!

Really great stuff, Mike! Fun, fast moving and funny! I hope you make your goal and that the surgery goes well!

best wishes, hope the surgery goes well!

What a cool series. Glad to see it all went well.

Oh. Delightful animation, used to superb effect. What can be better than having animation that actually ADDS to the video …

Well thank you all for the kind words!

I am turning it into a bi-weekly thing so I can focus more efforts on some animated short film ideas I have.

Glad you all are enjoying them!

Your work is always great. I will be glad to see you do a short with your skills.

Hi there, yes, I am feeling great, actually! The rough part is over; the eating nothing but protein shakes. I’m now on to more regular food, and I could not be happier.

I will probably make my video blog a bi-weekly thing now so that I can turn my attention to some other ideas that I have.

Thanks for the nice comment, Raider! I definitely have some ideas in the pipeline.

I’ve got a new video up!

Fun starship animation, & congrats on the weight loss.

Sorry for the lack of communication everyone! Every time I remember I need to post here to update everyone it slips my mind a moment later. and here we are MONTHS later!

I’m now down 115lbs. Things are going great. My latest video was compiled in Animate.

Some may know I’ve had issues importing Quicktime video into Animate reliably. I have since adopted an alternate solution that is far more reliable than the hit-or-miss results I get when importing video. I first load the video into iMovie, then export it as a series of images, and import the images into Animate. Once I’m finished adding elements from Animate, I then export it as a video and bring it back into iMovie and mesh it with the original audio and voila! Believe me, it’s far less taxing than dealing with importing video!

Sorry, kinda rambled a bit there!! I’M MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME HERE!

So please watch my latest video! There’s a shot at the end where a cartoon character of mine is superimposed on a real video of my dog on a boat. Yes, I’ve been experimenting with masks!

Actually, this video features lots of compositing work. I think the special effects turned out really well - check it out and let me know what you think!

If anyone has questions on how I did anything on the video, I’d be happy to answer them.


Latest Video -

Mike I have to admit, I’m a total fan of yours! I love your style SO much!! I am really looking forward to continuing to see your work.

I totally appreciate the weight loss struggle, too. I’m around 60 pounds overweight at the moment, and in the new year I’m on a diet of no meat, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, and no caffeine. :-X So far I’m surviving and I’m losing weight, but it’s really hard to eat properly when you’re on the road!!

Anyway my heart goes out to you and I hope the surgery goes well!!!


Mike you must have had your surgery yesterday, so just wanted to pop in here and say that our thoughts are with you, and hope the recovery goes well! Looking forward to future episodes of Fatso to Thinso.


How did the surgery go? You’re back, so I’m guessing you’re feeling okay!


I’m actually laughing out loud in the office right now. Totally love your work, Mike, and congratulations!


Hey Mike, we haven’t heard from you in a while, so I’m wondering if everything’s going all right and if there will be another installment of Fatso to Thinso soon.


This is awesome! I love watching the journey.